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Snore clinic at St Albans Orthodontics

Snore clinic

Do you have a sleeping companion who keeps you awake with their snoring? Do you sometimes wake yourself up from snoring? Snoring is more common than we may think. According to the British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association, 41.5% of the UK population snores. 

But at St Albans Orthodontics, we can help reduce that number with our snore clinic. 

Sleep and snoring problems

Snoring and sleep problems are often related to orthodontic problems. This is often the case for patients who have bite problems, also known as a malocclusion (bad bite).Malocclusions, such as narrow arches and Class II bites, restrict the tongue space, making it difficult to breath and thus causing a person to snore. At St Albans Orthodontics, our sleep and anti-snoring clinic has been set up to treat patients whose bite problems are causing them sleep and snoring issues. 

Specialist treatment

We are fortunate to have Dr Pieter (Bob) Esterhuysen on our team here at St Albans Orthodontics. He has studied under the man who invented the Somnowell anti-snoring device, Professor Simon Ash, and has personal experience of this device working. 

If you would like nip your snoring in the bud, you can book a consultation with Dr Esterhuysen at our Snore Clinic. He’ll put you on the path to a good night’s sleep. Clinics are held once a month at Harpenden Orthodontics

Anti-snoring consultation

STEP 1: Consultation

This takes 45mins and costs £90.

STEP 2: Test the appliance

This takes 30mins and costs £45. The appliance is an additional £40.

STEP 3: Fit your device

This takes 30mins and costs £40.

Epworth Sleepiness Scale

Questionnaire for Sleeping Partner


Thank you for eberything you are doing in Maria’s treatment in such a short space of time, we are truly grateful, thank you.

Mrs and maria trueman

Smile 1

Thank you so much for the wonderful work that you have put into my treatment! Before I had braces I was very aware and self-conscious about smiling. I did not have nice teeth and would feel embarassed whenever I smiled. However, now that my treatment is finally finished I have the confidence to smile a huge smile. Although the process was quite long (because of the state of my teeth) it was definately well worth the wait.

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