NHS orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment is available on the NHS for patients who meet strict criteria. At St Albans Orthodontics, we can treat those patients who do qualify, and for those who don’t, we offer a range of private treatment options.

NHS treatments

What is NHS treatment?

The NHS (National Health Service) offers funding towards orthodontic treatment to people under the age of 18 that meet certain criteria. In 2006 the NHS introduced the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN) that establishes the needs and urgency of a patient’s dental health. There are some restrictions on NHS treatments, for example, NHS will only cover the cost of traditional treatments such as fixed metal braces. Invisalign® treatments are not in the scope of funding. You need to be referred by your dentist through the NHS portal to enable us to assess you for NHS treatment.

NHS treatments

Am I eligible for NHS treatment?

Please visit your dentist to see whether you're eligible for NHS treatment - if so, your dentist will refer you and then our Specialist Orthodontists will perform a free assessment of your needs, checking your individual situation against the eligibility criteria. Once you have been assessed, we will discuss your options with you and either begin your treatment or offer you treatment alternatives.

NHS treatments

Independent treatment

If you don’t qualify for funded treatment, you are still able to be treated as an independent patient. This allows you to select from a wider range of treatment options that we offer. We also offer payment plans to help make these treatments more affordable.

Financing options