Orthodontic treatment for children and teens

Teaching your children how to look after their teeth properly is one of the most beneficial things you can do as a parent. Good teeth care early on will help to set them up for a lifetime. Looking at early orthodontic treatment options means getting ahead of any problems and simpler treatment plans, quicker results, and brighter smiles.

Children and teens

Start early to give your child an incredible smile

As children develop, not only are their teeth moving but so are their jaws. Catching any progressing problems early means that they can be influenced in the right direction as they grow. Children can be assessed as young as age six, even if they haven’t gotten all their adult teeth yet. We have options available from our Invisalign® First treatment for children to our incredible Damon and Insignia braces for teens to get their smiles looking incredible.

Invisalign® First

Children and Teens

Orthodontic treatment for teens

For many teenagers, having orthodontic treatment is a rite of passage. However, these are also the years when young people can be most self-conscious. At St Albans Orthodontics we’ll ensure your teenager’s orthodontic experience is a pleasant one. We have many discreet treatment options, such as Invisalign® which won’t affect your teenager’s appearance.