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NHS orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment is available on the NHS for patients who meet strict criteria. At St Albans Orthodontics, we can treat those patients who do qualify, and for those who don’t, we offer a range of private treatment options. 

NHS funded treatment

Patients who are under 18-years-old and who achieve high scores on the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN), are likely to be eligible for orthodontic treatment under the NHS. 

Introduced in April 2006, the IOTN is the scale on which patients are assessed to determine whether they require urgent orthodontic treatment. The scale, an objective rating system, assesses the extent of the orthodontic need and whether a patient’s current orthodontic situation could affect their overall health and well-being. This means patients all throughout the UK are being assessed on the same scale to determine their eligibility for NHS-funded treatment. 


Thank you for eberything you are doing in Maria’s treatment in such a short space of time, we are truly grateful, thank you.

Mrs and maria trueman

Smile 1

Thank you so much for the wonderful work that you have put into my treatment! Before I had braces I was very aware and self-conscious about smiling. I did not have nice teeth and would feel embarassed whenever I smiled. However, now that my treatment is finally finished I have the confidence to smile a huge smile. Although the process was quite long (because of the state of my teeth) it was definately well worth the wait.

  • NHS treatment for teens
  • NHS treatment for teens
  • NHS treatment for teens

Who is eligible?

If your dentist thinks you could qualify for NHS funded orthodontic treatment, they can refer you to our team who will conduct an assessment, using the IOTN. You can also book an assessment with our specialist orthodontist yourself (you don’t need a referral) and we can determine whether you might qualify for NHS-funded treatment. 

After we have conducted an assessment, we will place you in one of the following categories:

  • Waiting list – patients in this group have been accepted for NHS-funded treatment under the IOTN but must now wait for treatment to begin
  • Review – patients in this group look to be eligible for NHS-funded treatment under the IOTN but are not yet ready to start
  • Discharged – patients in this group are either ineligible for NHS-funded treatment or have decided they do not wish to proceed with treatment
  • Referral – patients in this group need to be referred to a hospital orthodontic service 

Please remember, the first criteria is that you are under 18 years of age. The NHS will not fund anyone over that age. 

Private treatment

If you don’t qualify for NHS-funded orthodontic treatment, we have a range of treatments that will be suitable for you, which you can pay for privately or independently. Independent treatment is the treatment which would have been provided under the NHS, had the patient qualified, but is funded by the patient at a reduced cost to that of private treatment. This also means you don’t have to wait for treatment to start; rather you can begin your treatment journey immediately. Private treatment starts with a 45-minute appointment at a cost of £95. This includes impressions, x-rays and photographs. A no-obligation bespoke treatment plan will then be prepared for you, outlining our recommended treatment option(s) and quote for treatment. 

To help with the cost of private treatment, our Treatment Coordinator can provide you with information on our finance options and payment plans

For more information on NHS-funded treatment at St Albans Orthodontics, contact us today.

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